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About us

Schneider’s Wildlife Control, LLC is the most widely used and respected wildlife control business in Stevens Point WI. Since 1994, we’re helping to solve wildlife related problems in regards to residential, commercial and industrial sites.

We specialize in expert animal removal and wildlife animal control. We trap all urban wildlife in our humane animal traps. Pesky animals can cause a lot of damage and we have many animal prevention techniques that will stop those pests and animals from entering your home.

Dangerous or bothersome animal that comes too close for comfort becomes an animal control problem. Our specialists can help eliminate your animal control problems and prevent them from returning. We most commonly handle the trapping and removal of squirrels, raccoons, moles, opossums, woodchucks (groundhogs) and skunks. We can help you remove a wide variety of animals from rats, mice and other rodents, to bats, birds and even non-venomous snakes.

CALL US TODAY! (715) 345-7012

If you are looking for the most qualified and professional person to solve your specific problem, do not hesitate to call Schneider’s Wildlife at (715) 345-7012. The experience and knowledge you will get will put you well on your way to solving your problem.

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